Wrought iron fencing combines elegance with durability, offering a timeless solution for security and aesthetic appeal for your home. A wrought iron fence is ideal for various properties, from historic homes to modern residences; these fences are highly customizable, reflecting personal style while providing robust protection.

What is an Iron Fence?

An iron fence is a type of barrier made primarily from iron. An iron fence is popular for its blend of elegance and functionality. These fences are often crafted from wrought iron, a malleable form that can be shaped into intricate designs, offering a protective boundary and an aesthetic enhancement to properties. The desert climates make iron fences a practical choice, too, as they withstand the harsh sun and minimal rainfall well, maintaining their appearance and structural integrity over time.

What are Those Metal Fences Called?

Metal fences are commonly known as wrought iron fences. These fences are sturdy and decorative barriers made from wrought iron, known for its durability, malleability, and classic ornamental designs.

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    Wrought Iron Fence Types

    They come in various types, each offering its unique charm and functionality, especially suitable for the aesthetic and practical needs of properties. Let’s look at some wrought iron fence designs and types:

    Classic Wrought Iron Fence

    The classic type is a perfect example of timeless design, featuring vertical bars and often designed with elegant finials. This type of fence is a favored choice for residential and commercial properties. It enhances the property’s aesthetic appeal with its traditional charm and offers reliable security, making it a practical and stylish option.

    Modern Wrought Iron Fence

    Catering to modern design sensibilities, the modern type has clean lines and a minimalist approach. This style is particularly well-suited to the newer, more modern architectural landscapes. Its sleek appearance offers a sophisticated boundary solution that doesn’t compromise strength, making it ideal for those seeking a blend of modernity and durability.

    Ornamental Wrought Iron Fence

    Ornamental types are all about intricate patterns and detailed craftsmanship. These fences are perfect for property owners looking to make a bold statement or add a unique artistic touch. The ornamental designs serve as a stunning visual centerpiece and provide robust perimeter protection, marrying beauty with functionality.

    Garden Wrought Iron Fence

    Specifically designed for enclosing gardens or patio areas, garden types are shorter and often more decorative. In the vibrant outdoor settings, these fences enhance the beauty of garden spaces while providing a structured yet aesthetically pleasing boundary. They are ideal for creating secure, visually appealing, intimate outdoor areas.

    Security Wrought Iron Fence

    Focused on maximizing security, these fences are characterized by height and often include preventative features like spikes. These fences offer peace of mind, where security is an important concern for many property owners. They are robust and imposing, providing a strong deterrent to potential intruders while maintaining an elegant appearance.

    Pool Wrought Iron Fence

    Designed with safety and compliance in mind, pool fences are essential for homes with swimming pools. They meet safety regulations to prevent accidental access to the pool area, especially by children. While prioritizing safety, decorative wrought iron fences also add elements to the pool area, blending functionality with style.

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    Team Hobaica
    Team Hobaica
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    The folks at Vegas valley ironworks really came through when I was in need. Had a unique situation, spoke to Tricia and she walked me through the entire process…. They had a gate solution in minutes. Install was just as smooth, Seth and his team came out, had to make some on-site tweaks, and had all the material right on their truck. I couldn’t be happier with their product.
    Janet Emerton
    Janet Emerton
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    It is very seldom that I can find a company that does such quality work with great attitudes and came through with flying colors. I love my new fence and gate and so does the whole neighborhood. Thank you so much Angel and your Crew for delivering above and beyond!!
    Corey Buckley
    Corey Buckley
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    These guys are top notch! They custom built a double side gate for us, and removed/refinished our courtyard gate. Pictures don't do it justice, but I've attached a couple anyway.
    Nicolaus “Nicnac” Weyrauch
    Nicolaus “Nicnac” Weyrauch
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    After a recent wind storm, our RV gate was damaged and began to detach from the block wall. With a quick call and over the phone quoting, Vegas Valley Ironworks was able to schedule a time within a few days to come out and make the needed repairs to our gate. The techs who came out were very friendly, personable and professional. The repairs were completed within just a few hours and we are very satisfied with the result! 10/10 would recommend this company for any gate repairs.
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    Gina O'Hanley
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    Fantastic craftsmanship..Angel is great to work with! Our gate is a great addition to our home!
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    Denise Strong
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    They did a fantastic job on my gate. Very professional and on time. Would highly recommend!
    Mark Gannet
    Mark Gannet
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    I worked with Angel to have 2 custom gates built for my house: one side gate and one front patio gate. The site visit and quote were provided less than 24 hours after I first called. Turnaround time for installation was only a few weeks. Let me say that the build quality of these gates is exceptional. Truly masters of their craft. The side gate is an absolute tank. Much thicker gauge steel than you will see with cheaper alternatives or builder grade stuff. All corners are mitered so that there are no plastic caps to close up open ends on the steel tubes, and the welds look very nice. On top of that, the gates are powder-coated which is going to be durable and withstand the heat and sun here. The installation crew, led by Seth, was squared away and completely the job in a timely manner. All hinges are hidden which makes it look clean.
    Jessica Porath
    Jessica Porath
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    Our experience was perfection.Angel and his team are the best. I will refer him to friends and family and will use him again in the future. Thank you for our beautiful gate.
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    Garth Weaver
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    From start, with Trina & Angel.. to finish with Seth, Ivan & Rey.. we definitely chose the right company for customizing our home. Beautiful job!! Thanks for tweaking to ultimate perfection!
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    Beautiful! 😍

    What Type of Metal Fence is the Best?

    The “best” type of metal fence largely depends on individual needs and preferences. However, among the various metal fences, wrought iron fences often stand out as a top choice due to their blend of durability, security, and aesthetic appeal. These fences’ durability, strong security features, and aesthetic appeal make them the best. They offer a perfect mix of practicality and style, with customization options to suit various architectural designs, making them a versatile and practical choice for residential and commercial properties.

    How Tall are Wrought Iron Fences?

    The height typically ranges from 3 to 8 feet, depending on the property’s specific needs and local regulations. For decorative purposes, shorter fences (around 3-4 feet) might do the trick. For security and privacy, taller options (5-8 feet) are a better bet. It’s always good to double-check those before making a final decision.

    Wrought Iron Fence Cost in Las Vegas

    The wrought iron fence prices vary widely based on design complexity, size, and installation specifics. To understand the investment required for your specific project, I recommend taking advantage of Vegas Valley Ironworks’ free estimation services.

    Why is Wrought Iron so Expensive?

    Wrought iron can be relatively expensive due to the cost of quality materials, custom design work, and the skill required for installation. Additionally, the city’s demand for stylish and durable fencing options contributes to the overall cost.

    Is an Iron Fence Cheaper than Wood?

    It depends! At first, a wood fence is usually cheaper. However, wood fences need more fixing and replacing over time. That can add up! An iron fence may cost more at the start, but it’s a tougher investment that might end up being cheaper in the long run.

    Wrought Iron Fence Installation

    The installation requires precision, where aesthetics and functionality are key. Here’s an overview of the typical steps we take to install iron fences:

    1. Planning and Design. We develop a detailed plan considering the property layout and your design preferences.
    2. Site Preparation. Our installation specialists level the fence line area, considering the local terrain and soil type.
    3. Setting the Posts. Our experts install and anchor the posts into the ground, typically using concrete for stability.
    4. Attaching the Panels. We securely fasten the wrought iron panels to the posts to form the fence.
    5. Adding Decorative Elements and Finishes. We install the decorative features and apply protective finishes suitable for hot climates.
    6. Final Inspection and Touch-ups. Our experts conduct a thorough inspection and make any necessary adjustments for quality assurance.
    7. Cleanup and Review with the Owner. We clean the site and review the installation with the property owner, including maintenance tips.
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    How Much Does It Cost to Install Iron Fences?

    It depends on a few things, like how big your yard is and the style of fence you want.  Some fences are simple; others have fancy designs –  those cost a bit more. The best way to get a price for your specific needs is to give us a call at +1 702-303-2146! We’ll be happy to chat about your project and give you a free quote.

    Is a Wrought Iron Fence Worth It?

    Absolutely, these fences are generally considered a valuable investment. Its main advantages include:

    • Durability. Wrought iron is long-lasting and withstands harsh conditions.
    • Security. Its strength enhances property safety.
    • Aesthetic Appeal. Adds elegance and increases property value.
    • Low Maintenance. Modern treatments minimize upkeep needs.
    • Customization. It can be tailored to fit specific styles and preferences.

    How Long Will a Wrought Iron Fence Last?

    The life expectancy of a wrought iron fence is typically 30 to 60 years. The hot, dry conditions are generally favorable for metal structures, as there is less moisture to cause rust. Regular maintenance, such as rust prevention treatments and occasional repainting, is essential to maximize the fence’s lifespan within this range.

    Do Iron Fences Rust?

    Yes, iron fences can rust, but the timeframe for rusting depends on various factors, including climate, maintenance, and the quality of the iron and protective coatings used. Typically, you might start noticing signs of rust on an iron fence after 5 to 10 years, especially if it hasn’t been regularly maintained or lacks a protective coating.

    Regular maintenance, including applying rust-resistant treatments and promptly addressing any chips or cracks in the paint, can significantly delay the onset of rust and extend the fence’s life.

    What are the Iron Fence Benefits?

    • Iron fences are incredibly hard to break or climb, making them great for property safety.
    • They don’t rot or get eaten by bugs. 
    • Well-maintained iron fences can last for decades.
    • No need for constant repaint or part replacement.
    • They come in endless designs.
    • Iron fences can boost your home’s resale value.

    Wrought Iron Fencing Near Me in Las Vegas

    Look no further for the best wrought iron fences in the state. Vegas Valley Ironworks is the company that provides you with every type of iron fence you need at the best price and quality. We have provided the best ironworks in the state for +18 years. Call us at +1 702-303-2146 so our experts can guide you and provide whatever information you need for the fence.