Welcome to the world of elegance and durability with our secure iron doors. At Vegas Valley Ironworks, we specialize in crafting doors that increase the beauty of your home and provide security and longevity. Let’s explore the timeless charm and utility of wrought iron doors.

What are Wrought Iron Doors?

Wrought iron is highly malleable and tough. Wrought iron doors are made from this material, making them ideal for intricate designs and robust construction. You’ll have an elegant yet secure entrance to your home with these doors. Are they worth it? Absolutely. They offer superior durability, security, and a distinct style that can significantly increase the curb appeal and value of your property.

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    What are the Types of Wrought Iron Doors?

    These doors come in different styles and designs to meet a wide range of expectations:

    Classic Doors

    They have traditional patterns and motifs that make you feel old-fashioned. Intricate scrollwork, floral elements, and intricate details are common in these doors, so they’re great for homes with classic architecture.

    Modern Wrought Iron Doors

    These doors feature cleaner lines and minimalistic designs, perfect for contemporary and modern homes. They usually have simpler geometric patterns or are solid panels with fewer decorative elements.

    Wrought Iron Doors with Glass

    They have glass panels that allow light to come through while maintaining security. There’s clear glass, frosted glass, and even patterned glass, so you can let natural light in without compromising on security. They are best for entryways where light is needed.

    Custom Wrought Iron Doors

    Your taste and architectural requirements are taken into account. A custom door can be designed to meet the exact needs of your home and personal style preferences, whether you want a unique pattern, a combination of materials, or a specific shape. It’s perfect for homes with specific architectural styles or personal preferences.

    Wrought Iron Safety Door

    Designed to make your home more secure with reinforced frames and locking systems, these doors are robust and heavy. They’re often used for residential properties to add an extra layer of security. They’ve got fewer glass elements and stronger construction.

    Wrought Iron Garage Doors

    Decorative and durable, they’ll transform the look of your garage. In contrast to conventional garage doors, wrought iron ones have ornamental designs that can match other entry doors, increasing curb appeal and enhancing aesthetics.

    Wrought Iron Screen Doors

    Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. They’re usually used as a secondary outer door or an external door in front of a more solid door, providing extra ventilation and protection from insects.

    Front Wrought Iron Doors

    Front doors are best used as the primary entry point to make a strong impression. Expensive designs like these are both inviting and imposing, making a great first impression. Also, front doors can be customized with glass, custom details, and even color to match or enhance the exterior.

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    Team Hobaica
    Team Hobaica
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    The folks at Vegas valley ironworks really came through when I was in need. Had a unique situation, spoke to Tricia and she walked me through the entire process…. They had a gate solution in minutes. Install was just as smooth, Seth and his team came out, had to make some on-site tweaks, and had all the material right on their truck. I couldn’t be happier with their product.
    Janet Emerton
    Janet Emerton
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    It is very seldom that I can find a company that does such quality work with great attitudes and came through with flying colors. I love my new fence and gate and so does the whole neighborhood. Thank you so much Angel and your Crew for delivering above and beyond!!
    Corey Buckley
    Corey Buckley
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    These guys are top notch! They custom built a double side gate for us, and removed/refinished our courtyard gate. Pictures don't do it justice, but I've attached a couple anyway.
    Nicolaus “Nicnac” Weyrauch
    Nicolaus “Nicnac” Weyrauch
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    After a recent wind storm, our RV gate was damaged and began to detach from the block wall. With a quick call and over the phone quoting, Vegas Valley Ironworks was able to schedule a time within a few days to come out and make the needed repairs to our gate. The techs who came out were very friendly, personable and professional. The repairs were completed within just a few hours and we are very satisfied with the result! 10/10 would recommend this company for any gate repairs.
    Gina O'Hanley
    Gina O'Hanley
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    Fantastic craftsmanship..Angel is great to work with! Our gate is a great addition to our home!
    Denise Strong
    Denise Strong
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    They did a fantastic job on my gate. Very professional and on time. Would highly recommend!
    Mark Gannet
    Mark Gannet
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    I worked with Angel to have 2 custom gates built for my house: one side gate and one front patio gate. The site visit and quote were provided less than 24 hours after I first called. Turnaround time for installation was only a few weeks. Let me say that the build quality of these gates is exceptional. Truly masters of their craft. The side gate is an absolute tank. Much thicker gauge steel than you will see with cheaper alternatives or builder grade stuff. All corners are mitered so that there are no plastic caps to close up open ends on the steel tubes, and the welds look very nice. On top of that, the gates are powder-coated which is going to be durable and withstand the heat and sun here. The installation crew, led by Seth, was squared away and completely the job in a timely manner. All hinges are hidden which makes it look clean.
    Jessica Porath
    Jessica Porath
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    Our experience was perfection.Angel and his team are the best. I will refer him to friends and family and will use him again in the future. Thank you for our beautiful gate.
    Garth Weaver
    Garth Weaver
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    From start, with Trina & Angel.. to finish with Seth, Ivan & Rey.. we definitely chose the right company for customizing our home. Beautiful job!! Thanks for tweaking to ultimate perfection!
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    Beautiful! 😍

    Wrought Iron Doors Installation

    At Vegas Valley Ironworks, we take pride in our meticulous installation process for our doors, ensuring every detail is perfect. Here’s how we do it:

    1. As a first step, we talk about your needs, preferences, and security requirements.
    2. To make sure your new door fits perfectly, we come to your house to measure the space.
    3. All details are reviewed with you before the door goes into production, so you’re happy.
    4. We craft your door with precision, using high-quality materials and techniques.
    5. We install your new door carefully, so you don’t have to worry about anything. The team makes sure everything works smoothly and is aligned.
    6. We inspect every aspect of your door after installation to make sure it meets our high standards.
    7. We will walk you through the new installation and answer any questions you have.

    What are the Benefits of Wrought Iron Doors?

    Wrought iron doors offer several benefits:

    • Enhanced Security. These doors are built with strong materials, making it a great intruder deterrent.
    • Durability. It’s made to last, resisting bending, shrinking, and corrosion, so it’s perfect for any climate.
    • Aesthetic Appeal. With intricate designs, these doors add a distinctive elegance to your home’s exterior.
    • Low Maintenance. You only need to clean these doors once in a while and do a little upkeep to keep them looking good.

    What is the Lifespan of an Iron Door?

    The lifespan varies depending on its material quality, environmental conditions, and maintenance practices:

    • At the very least, they typically last at least 30 to 40 years.
    • If they are made with high-quality materials and they are well-maintained, they can last 60 to 80 years.
    • Under optimal conditions, including regular upkeep and high-grade materials, these doors can last up to 100 years or more.
    Iron Doors near me in Las Vegas

    Wrought Iron Doors Cost in Las Vegas

    Depending on the size and complexity of the design, these doors can cost a lot. We encourage you to reach out to Vegas Valley Ironworks at +1 702-303-2146 for a precise cost estimate that reflects your needs. We can give you detailed pricing info based on your specs.

    Why are Iron Doors so Expensive?

    These doors are costly due to the high-quality materials used and the craftsmanship required to design and manufacture these durable and intricate doors. The production process involves significant skill and labor, contributing to their higher price.

    How to Maintain Wrought Iron Doors?

    It’s easy to maintain these doors, and it helps them last longer. Here’s how to keep them running smoothly:

    • Remove dust and dirt from your door with a soft cloth and mild soapy water. Make sure you don’t use abrasive materials on the iron.
    • Make sure joints and crevices aren’t rusted or worn out.
    • Once a year, apply a clear coat of sealant or wax to prevent rust. It’s especially important in humid or rainy climates.
    • Keep the paint in good shape by touching up chips and scratches right away.
    • Make sure your door hinges and locks are lubricated annually so they don’t stick.

    Wrought Iron Door Accessories

    Enhance your wrought iron door with a variety of accessories:

    Wrought Iron Door Handles

    You have many options of handle designs, including ornate and modern styles. Choosing the right handle can make your entryway look sleek and contemporary or rich and detailed.


    A classic door knocker adds a touch of tradition and charm. The knocker adds both functional and decorative value to your door, with a variety of designs to choose from.

    Glass Panels

    Adding glass panels to your door will enhance its elegance and keep you private. To let in natural light, you have the option of clear, frosted, or patterned glass.

    Security Features

    Consider installing extra locks and security bars on your door. In addition to adding safety to your home, these additions blend seamlessly into the design of your door, keeping its aesthetic appeal while enhancing security.

    Where to Buy Wrought Iron Near Me in Las Vegas

    For top-quality security wrought iron doors in Las Vegas, your search ends at Vegas Valley Iron. Visit our extensive collection at Vegas Valley Ironworks and call +1 702-303-2146 to consult with our experts to find the ideal door that complements your style and fits your budget. Don’t forget to take advantage of our free estimation services to ensure the best choice for your home.


    Yes, they are extremely safe due to their sturdy construction and integrated security features.

    Yes, wrought iron can get hot when exposed to direct sunlight, but it does not affect the door’s functionality or durability.

    These doors can rust over time if not properly maintained, especially in humid environments. Regular maintenance can prevent rust.

    The main disadvantages include their higher cost, weight, and potential for rust if not maintained.

    While not as energy-efficient as some modern materials, adding glass panels and proper weather stripping can enhance their energy efficiency.



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