At Vegas Valley Ironworks, we offer the best gate automation installation near you. We exclusively use elegance, and cutting-edge technology to provide robust security and refined aesthetics. Keep reading to discover how autogates work, gate installation, prices, and so much more.

What is a Gate Automation System?

It is actually really simple. These systems enable gates to open and close automatically. In this way, the need for manual efforts is eliminated. Can you automate an existing driveway gate? Yes, these systems can be integrated into both new and existing gates and provide a smooth transition to enhanced security and convenience.

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    What are the Basics of Gate Automation?

    Understanding the basics can prevent the need for gate repair. It involves recognizing the automated gates and equipment that make up the system:

    • The Gate: Controls access to your property, granting or restricting access.
    • The Motor: Powers the gate’s movement and opens and closes it.
    • The Power Supply: Powers the motor and control mechanism so the gate works well.
    • The Control Mechanism: Users can control the gate’s movements with remote controls, keypads, or smart devices.

    The synergy between the elements of a gate and its system allows for smooth and reliable operation tailored to the user’s specific needs and preferences.

    Automated Gates Types

    There are several types gates and automatic gate openers, including:

    Swing Gates

    These gates swing open and close like traditional doors. They are ideal for residential properties where aesthetic appeal and a welcoming entrance are desired. Automation systems for swing gates are perfect for settings with ample space for the gate to swing inward or outward.

    Sliding Gates

    Sliding gates move horizontally across the ground, parallel to the fence or wall. Automation systems for sliding gates are perfect for properties with limited space where a swing gate’s arc would be impractical. They are often used in residential and commercial settings as automated driveway gates or secure parking gates.

    Barrier Arms

    Barrier arms are a simple and effective type. They consist of a bar or arm that lifts to grant access. Typical applications include parking lots, commercial premises, and controlled access zones where a rapid and efficient flow of traffic is required. If you have a lot of vehicles coming and going, barrier arms are perfect.

    Bi-Folding Gates

    These gates fold back on themselves, so they open and close faster than traditional swing or sliding gates. Bi-folding gates are suitable for both commercial and residential areas where space is limited and quick access is essential.

    Cantilever Gates

    As opposed to sliding gates, which run on a track, cantilever gates run on rollers attached to posts on one side of the opening. This driveway gate is suitable for industrial settings or snow-accumulating driveways since they don’t disturb the ground.

    Vertical Lift Gates

    These gates move straight up and down, requiring minimal lateral space and offering a high level of security. Vertical lift gates are often utilized in commercial or industrial environments where space is at a premium and a high level of control over entry is necessary.

    How Do Automated Gates Work?

    Let’s see how these automatic gates work:

    1. Sensors detect an approaching vehicle or person, initiating the gate’s response.
    2. The system activates the gate’s opening mechanism upon detection.
    3. The gate moves open or closed based on the command received from the system.
    4. Safety requirements and mechanisms ensure that the gate stops if there are any obstructions in its path.
    5. The gate automatically closes after a predetermined time or upon receiving a closure command.

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    Team Hobaica
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    The folks at Vegas valley ironworks really came through when I was in need. Had a unique situation, spoke to Tricia and she walked me through the entire process…. They had a gate solution in minutes. Install was just as smooth, Seth and his team came out, had to make some on-site tweaks, and had all the material right on their truck. I couldn’t be happier with their product.
    Janet Emerton
    Janet Emerton
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    It is very seldom that I can find a company that does such quality work with great attitudes and came through with flying colors. I love my new fence and gate and so does the whole neighborhood. Thank you so much Angel and your Crew for delivering above and beyond!!
    Corey Buckley
    Corey Buckley
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    These guys are top notch! They custom built a double side gate for us, and removed/refinished our courtyard gate. Pictures don't do it justice, but I've attached a couple anyway.
    Nicolaus “Nicnac” Weyrauch
    Nicolaus “Nicnac” Weyrauch
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    After a recent wind storm, our RV gate was damaged and began to detach from the block wall. With a quick call and over the phone quoting, Vegas Valley Ironworks was able to schedule a time within a few days to come out and make the needed repairs to our gate. The techs who came out were very friendly, personable and professional. The repairs were completed within just a few hours and we are very satisfied with the result! 10/10 would recommend this company for any gate repairs.
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    Gina O'Hanley
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    Fantastic craftsmanship..Angel is great to work with! Our gate is a great addition to our home!
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    Denise Strong
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    They did a fantastic job on my gate. Very professional and on time. Would highly recommend!
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    Mark Gannet
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    I worked with Angel to have 2 custom gates built for my house: one side gate and one front patio gate. The site visit and quote were provided less than 24 hours after I first called. Turnaround time for installation was only a few weeks. Let me say that the build quality of these gates is exceptional. Truly masters of their craft. The side gate is an absolute tank. Much thicker gauge steel than you will see with cheaper alternatives or builder grade stuff. All corners are mitered so that there are no plastic caps to close up open ends on the steel tubes, and the welds look very nice. On top of that, the gates are powder-coated which is going to be durable and withstand the heat and sun here. The installation crew, led by Seth, was squared away and completely the job in a timely manner. All hinges are hidden which makes it look clean.
    Jessica Porath
    Jessica Porath
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    Our experience was perfection.Angel and his team are the best. I will refer him to friends and family and will use him again in the future. Thank you for our beautiful gate.
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    Garth Weaver
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    From start, with Trina & Angel.. to finish with Seth, Ivan & Rey.. we definitely chose the right company for customizing our home. Beautiful job!! Thanks for tweaking to ultimate perfection!
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    Beautiful! 😍

    How Do Automatic Gate Openers Work?

    Let’s see how the opener of an electric gate automation works:

    1. Sensors identify the presence of a vehicle or receive a command to open or close the gate.
    2. Electric gate openers for driveways make the motors engage to physically move the gate open or closed.
    3. Transmitters, such as remote controls or smartphones, send signals to operate the gate.
    4. The power supply provides the necessary energy for the motor and sensors to function.
    5. The control mechanism processes the signals and commands the gate to open or close, coordinating the operation.
    Gate Automation in Las Vegas

    Gate Automation Installation Near Me in Las Vegas

    At Vegas Valley Iron, we offer trusted automated gate services. Here’s how we handle the installation steps:

    1. We start with a talk about your needs and preferences, assess your property, and understand your security requirements.
    2. Our team visits your location to take measurements and find the best spots for your automation system.
    3. We create a customized plan, considering beauty, functionality, and your budget. We also help you select the best automation system.
    4. Before installation, we prepare the site, clear the area, and set up power connections.
    5. Our skilled technicians install the gate and automation system.
    6. We integrate the automation system with your existing security setup if needed to ensure security.
    7. After installation, we test the gate and automation system to ensure it works flawlessly.
    8. Our service doesn’t end after installation. We provide a brief training session and offer ongoing support and maintenance.

    Our gate repair services are also available if you have any issues with your gate in the long run.

    What are the Advantages of Gate Automation?

    Our residential gate automation services offer numerous benefits, including:

    • Automated security gates increase safety and keep unauthorized people out.
    • Because they’re convenient and secure, they increase property value.
    • There’s no need for manual operation, so convenience is improved.
    • Sleek designs enhance the aesthetic appeal of properties.
    • Adding intercoms and keypads to increase security.

    Gate Automation Cost

    Let’s answer the question: “What is the cost of automation of gates?” The gate automation services cost and the cost of automating existing gates can vary widely based on several factors, including the type of gate, the complexity of the automation system, the quality of materials, and any additional features such as intercoms or custom design elements.

    While it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific price without considering these variables, You can use our free estimation service to choose an automated gate system.

    How Much Does It Cost to Electrify an Existing Gate?

    The cost to convert a manual gate to an automatic can vary widely based on several factors, such as the type of gate, the existing setup, and the specific features you choose. For a detailed and accurate estimate, please call us at +1 702-303-2146. We’d be happy to provide you with personalized information tailored to your needs.

    How Do I Choose an Autogate System?

    Choosing the right autogate system involves a few key steps. First, determine your property’s needs, such as the size and type of gate. Then, consider the security features you want, such as keypads or remote access. Finally, consider durability and maintenance. 

    Additionally, think about different scenarios where you’ll use an autogate system. A busy household might want a system that opens fast and has multiple ways to access it, like remotes or apps. If security is a big deal to you, look for gates that have advanced features like cameras or alarms. Climate is also important; some systems do better in harsh weather. Contact us and talk to our experts who can suggest a system that fits your environment and needs.

    Do Automatic Gates Need Electricity?

    Yes, when you make your gates electric, you require a power source to operate. This can be a direct electrical connection, solar panels, or battery backups, ensuring that the gate functions smoothly and reliably, even during power outages.

    Gate Automation Near Me in Las Vegas

    Vegas Valley Iron provides the best installation and repair. Our automated gate installers have been providing the best services to the residents for over 18 years now. Just take a look at the sample of our projects, and you might have seen them yourself.

    Our service range is wide, and we provide different products to our clients: iron doors, gates, fences, railings, etc. You can read testimonials and reviews by our clients on our website to familiarize yourself with the quality of our work.

    Give Vegas Valley Iron a call at +1 702-303-2146 or email us at [email protected] so our team can guide you on your needs. You can always enjoy watching our product collection to familiarize yourself with them and learn about the various types of products we provide.


    Yes, They can be designed to open both inwards and outwards, depending on space availability and personal preference.

    Sensors typically detect motion or the presence of a vehicle. They then signal the gate to open or close accordingly, ensuring smooth and secure access.

    Absolutely. Beyond the convenience of not having to manually open and close your gate, automated gates offer increased security, enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, and can even increase its value.

    Most gates can be automated, but it depends on their design, condition, and the space available for the necessary equipment.

    Yes, installing these gates can enhance property value. They offer added security and convenience, which are attractive features for potential buyers.

    Depending on your location and the gate’s size and design, you might need to get planning permission for these gates. It’s best to check with your local planning authority to ensure compliance.



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